Former Flames Reunite And Find Their Happy Ending

by Emerald Pellot
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In 1968 Donna Hanover was dumped by high school boyfriend Ed Oster during their freshman year of college at Stanford.

However, Ed wouldn’t be the last man to break her heart.

Her first marriage to New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani came to an end decades later in 2001. A year after her divorce, Donna was still reeling.

Then, out of nowhere, she gets a call from Ed.

“Told me he was divorced, was going to be in town for some business. Would I have coffee with him?” Donna told CBS. “So, we took a long walk in Central Park, and he said to me, “I’m so sorry I made you cry all those years ago.’

She didn’t expect to hear those words in a million years. I mean, who does? “And I was stunned, because, you know, you stop waiting for an apology after three, four months!” she explained.

The pair reunited and soon after, there were wedding bells. When asked, “Will you ever let her go again?” Ed didn’t hesitate.

“Never,” Ed replied. “This is my lost treasure. My lost treasure found, never to be lost again.”

The pair’s story is romantic enough to be a movie: first love, first heartbreak, then a lifelong reconciliation and happily ever after. However, what researchers are learning is that this story is nothing new.

A study conducted by Cal State University concluded that former flames who reconcile later in life have more than a 70 percent chance of getting back together and staying together. If you think there’s no science behind love, then you should read this article about how doctors have proven you can die of a broken heart.

“First of all, you never forget the person,” said Rutgers anthropologist Helen Fisher. “And if the timing is right and they come back, you can trigger that brain circuitry for romantic love almost instantly and be back in love again.”

See how loves long lost are rekindling their relationships and the science behind it.

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