Trainers Are Mesmerized When Dolphins Communicate Using Their Own Language

by Ana Luisa Suarez
Ana is an Associate Editor who loves animals and food. A good taco and a snuggle with her dogs is all she needs.

Dolphins truly are some of the most intelligent creatures on this planet.

Recently, I got to swim with dolphins at a sanctuary where the animals interact with tourists, but are highly cared for and have all been rescued after being found injured in the wild.

It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

Dolphin trainers work very closely with their dolphins to better understand each other. At Anthony’s Key Resort in Honduras, the bottlenose dolphins are making waves with their innovative tricks!

Dolphin trainer Teri Bolton runs an educational program at the resort with the Roatan Institution for Marine Sciences. She wants the dolphins to be constantly learning and growing.

It is very clear that these dolphins aren’t just performance animals, but beloved creatures that are valued.

Teri and the other trainers love to test the dolphins to see how intelligent they are.

Dolphins have an impressive amount of brain power, which is often compared to a human’s intelligence. Dolphins can handle more than just learned tricks, and can actually think and create something of their own. You can see the test in the video below and you’ll be just as amazed as their trainers were!

If you love dolphins and enjoy seeing their best interests being considered, you will be happy to know that the National Aquarium retired all of their dolphins and set them back into the ocean.

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