Little Boy Waits At Edge Of Pool With Pink Ball, Then Plays Game Of Catch With Dolphin

by Nicole Cannizzaro
Nicole is a writer who studied journalism. She loves music and spending time with her family.

Dolphins are incredible creatures. They’re known for their intelligence and their beautiful swimming skills, of course. They’re trained to do tricks and swim with humans in a peaceful way in and out of their natural habitat.

But have you ever seen one interact with a little boy all on his own?

In the video below, you’ll be stunned by just how well these two do just that.

The video starts with the little boy holding a bright ball and watching a dolphin lying on the surrounding pool area outside of the water. When this little boy throws the ball, the dolphin responds right away. In fact, in no time, these two have got a whole ball game going.

They play a game of catch, and they both look like they’re enjoying it more than they ever would with any other player!

Could you imagine walking in on your son playing catch with a dolphin? This little boy must have grown up around animals; not only is he brave, he’s so well behaved with his dolphin friend. I can imagine all of the other tricks and bonding moments that they’ll share throughout their lives.

This is a beautiful friendship!

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