There’s A New Dolly Parton-Themed Bar In Nashville And We’re Packing Our Bags Immediately

by Sarah Bregel
Sarah Bregel is an editor at LittleThings.com covering entertainment, trending stories, adorable stuff, parenting, and more. She is also a freelance writer, mom of two, dog mom, feminist, and deep-breather.

Dolly Parton is one of the most beloved celebrities of our time. She’s been called a lot of things, from a country music queen to a feminist icon.

Really, she’s a national treasure.

From her films to her music to her sass, folks just can’t get enough of the country girl who says what she means. Luckily for Dolly fans, there’s a new bar in Nashville inspired by the country music icon. And honestly? We can’t wait to go.

The bar is called White Limozeen, and it sits on the rooftop of the Graduate Nashville hotel. It opened earlier this month and is named in honor Dolly herself. The bar and restaurant is everything you’d imagine it to be and more.

It’s full of color — the color pink, to be exact. It’s fun, lively, and totally over the top in all the best ways.

The place really screams of Dolly’s unique style.

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Golden hour hits differently from here.

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White Limozeen just opened its doors. The CEO of Graduate Hotels, Ben Weprin, made the announcement. “We’re thrilled to finally open our doors at White Limozeen and welcome locals and travelers alike to experience this over-the-top, elegant, yet inviting rooftop destination,” he said.

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Play on.

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He continued, “Inspired by Music City greats who moved to Nashville to chase their dreams, White Limozeen is a celebration of the nonconformists that have always done it their own way.” Clearly, the place has Dolly written all over it. But other artists are represented as well, in art around the restaurant.

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You're right, dreams do come true.

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The place is really stunning, inside and out. Inside, there’s an onyx wraparound bar. It looks totally elegant and like an amazing place to hang out. There are brightly colored walls and chandeliers everywhere, too.

The patio is every bit as dreamy, and there is no shortage of seating. With tons of chairs and lounges to hang out and relax in, you’ll feel transported back in time. Just about everything is pink, and you can’t miss the statue of Dolly for all to see.

The outdoor area wouldn’t be complete without a pool, of course. So if you’re headed to check out the amazing bar and restaurant, a retro bathing suit would certainly seem fitting. Whether you’re hanging out indoors or out, it’s destined to be an incredible experience.

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Sip sippin' and drip drippin'.

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CEO Weprin says it’s a very special place indeed. “It’s unique, beyond special, and tells the narrative of a relentless, rags-to-riches journey. Whether you are playing for tips on a stool on 16th Avenue, selling out Nissan Stadium, or just stopping by for a cocktail, this will be an unforgettable experience for everyone.”

As if we needed the push, the hotel has been promoting the new bar on its Instagram to stir up excitement. Just before the opening, the hotel posted an image of the patio with the caption, “Kinda fancy-ish, kinda classy-ish. Your new escape, coming to Graduate Nashville this July.”

The food and drinks look downright incredible, too. According to the hotel’s website, the restaurant features a “playful” menu with “homestyle renditions of traditionally French presentations.”

Our mouths are drooling already.

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Devoted to the details.

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White Limozeen is brand spanking new, and we’re so glad it exists. It totally looks like one of the most fun places to hang out. Even Dolly would be sure to approve.

We truly can’t wait to pay this bar a visit very soon.