Dolly Parton Explains Why She Sleeps With Her Makeup On Every Single Night

by Angela Andaloro

Anyone who is interested in beauty and skin care knows that experts recommend washing your face each night.

Doing so removes makeup, dirt, and oil that has accumulated throughout your day and keeps all that gunk from settling into your pores. Most people follow the rule religiously. Apparently, Dolly Parton isn’t one of them — but Dolly isn’t most people, either!

The 73-year-old country star admitted in an interview with the New York Times that she sleeps in a full face of makeup.

“I clean my face in the morning,” she said.

Dolly’s reason for keeping her face on?

In the event of an emergency, she’ll be full-faced and ready to go.

“You never know if you’re going to wreck the [tour] bus, you never know if you’re going to be somewhere in a hotel and there’s going to be a fire,” Dolly explained. “So I leave my makeup on at night and clean my face in the morning.”

Dolly follows this rule no matter what. Dolly’s husband, Carl Dean, is one of the only people who has ever gotten to see Dolly when she’s not all done up. It’s important to her to maintain the image her fans know and love. According to Midland Daily News, she joked in an interview that there was only one circumstance that would make her think about breaking her rule and stepping out of the house without her iconic wig and makeup.

“Unless my husband is dying of a heart attack, and even then I would think about it,” Dolly laughed.

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