Fans Still Believe Dolly Parton Has Secret Tattoos Covering Her Arms Despite Her Constant Denial

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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For years, rumors have swirled around country superstar Dolly Parton, claiming she has secret tattoos all over her arms.

Fans noticed how she almost always wears long-sleeved shirts and outfits, then became convinced she was covering some ink.

Although Dolly has previously denied this, persistent fans are still convinced. In 2014, Dolly sat down with the Today show’s Savannah Guthrie to put the rumor to bed once and for all.

When Savannah brought up the popular rumor, Dolly laughed it off. She mentioned that someone even told her they were sure she had snake tattoos all over her arms. But Dolly admitted that, no, her arms are not inked.

That said, she did confess to having some hidden ink! “I do have a few little tattoos,” she said, “but they were mostly done to cover scars.”

The country star said that her tattoos are all in places that can’t be seen, which has made fans wonder exactly where her ink may be located.

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For as long as Dolly Parton has been a star, she’s almost always worn long-sleeved outfits.

Even in the early days of her career, it was very rare to see her showing off her arms.

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This may surprise some people — since Dolly is thought of as a blonde bombshell — but even though she’s known for her large bosom and sexy look, she doesn’t show very much skin.

Because we don’t see her arms very often, fans came to a startling conclusion about the “truth” behind her long-sleeved outfits: they’re covering serious tattoos!

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The rumor, which has circled the internet for years, gained even more traction when Jezebel wrote about it in 2014.

A little while later, in an interview with Savannah Guthrie, Dolly addressed the tattoo myth.

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The rumor, Dolly said, is just that: a rumor.

Dolly said she definitely doesn’t have ink all over her arms.

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She did admit that she does have some small tattoos.

With her fair skin, she scars easily, so she initially got the ink to cover up some of her scars.

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Dolly also told Savannah that the few tattoos she does have are “mostly for [her] husband.”

The two giggled after that, implying that Dolly’s tattoos may be in areas considered inappropriate to show the public.

dolly cleavage tattoo
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In 2012, fans were convinced they found one of her hidden tattoos: a rose right between her breasts.

Dolly sat down with Anderson Cooper to talk about the photo, and she adamantly denied that there was any tattoo there, even going so far as to show a bit of her cleavage to Anderson and the audience.

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Unfortunately, it looks like the 72-year-old singer and actress is keeping her lips sealed about the actual locations of her tattoos.

She told Anderson, “I’m not going to show ’em til they catch me at it.”

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Do you have any guesses to what Dolly’s tattoos might look like or where they’re located?

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