Mom Organizes Messy Pantry With Items From The Dollar Store To Completely Transform It

by Lindsey Smith
Lindsey is from Florida and has worked in online and print media. Her happy place is Michaels craft store.

Pantry space is one of those places that can quickly get cluttered if not taken care of, especially if that space in your kitchen is small!

Erica has an easy and budget-friendly DIY solution that can transform your pantry without breaking the bank by just using bins. In the video you’ll see below, she works in her daughter’s small kitchen pantry.

Even better? Most of the products she used can be found for a dollar! “A lot of the items I’m using are from the Dollar Tree,” Erica says. “I’m really trying to use as many Dollar Tree items as possible to keep this on a budget.”

If you haven’t been to your local dollar store, this video may just inspire you to take a trip this weekend and check out what you can find. Erica’s video proves that you don’t need to buy expensive organizing items to make over your pantry and wow your family and friends.

As with any DIY project, Erica suggests cleaning out the pantry space first. Throw out expired food that may have been wedged in the back and forgotten. Then, she says to take everything out and put it in groups.

Erica purchased all of the green bins at her local dollar store. She then placed chalkboard labels on the front of each bin, clearly marking which items belonged in which container. Instead of pantry items being thrown about on the shelves, her solution placed everything in a neat, accessible order.

For additional easy DIY ideas, check out Mrs. Erica on YouTube!

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