Mom Is Homeless After Tornado, Then Stranger Rents His Mansion To Her For $1

by Emerald Pellot
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The destruction tornadoes leave behind is irreparable. For one Texas mother and daughter, the damage was insurmountable.

Amber Jenkins, her service dog, and her mother Catherine were left homeless when their home was completely destroyed.

Little did they know that someone was watching the whole time.

Ron Sturgeon is a millionaire, but he’s not like the Scrooges we’re used to seeing on TV. Ron is self-made, and when he was much younger, his father died and left him homeless — he is all too familiar with having the rug lifted from right under him.

Not to mention he is an absolute dog lover.

The owner of two mansions, one worth $1.5 million, Ron knew he had to do something after he saw photos of the tornado wreckage.

“I was just moved because I’m such a dog person. Then I saw the pictures of the devastation and I don’t know, I think a lightbulb just went off in my head and I said, ‘I’ve got two big houses sitting vacant — surely I can help somebody that would need housing,'” Ron told CBS’s Joel Thomas.

So he reached out to Catherine, Amber, and their dog Maggie and offered them his mansion for $1 a month.

“I just can’t even believe this house,” says Amber, who loves the home and is especially glad Maggie feels safe. “Ever since we’ve been in this house, the past couple of hours she has been running around outside, I have not seen her this happy in weeks.”

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