New Study Finds Dogs Bring Great Comfort To Their Owners In Times Of Distress

by Morgan Greenwald
Morgan is a writer on the branded content team who loves breakfast food almost as much as she loves dogs.

Who needs a therapist when you have a dog?

According to a new study conducted by Link AKC, which manufactures smart dog collars, there are several mental, physical, and emotional health benefits to owning a dog.

In fact, a staggering 82% of dog owners reported an improvement in their emotional and mental health thanks to their furry friends!

Unsurprisingly, dog owners tend to turn to their pets when they need a shoulder to cry on. Around 60% of those surveyed noted that their dog often takes care of them when something tragic or traumatizing happens, while 20% said that their dog has aided them through a tough breakup, highlighting the two-way relationship between human and canine.

Dogs not only provide a cute and friendly face when we need one: 73% of those surveyed said they tell their dogs secrets they wouldn’t tell anyone else.

On a physical level, having a dog also motivates owners to be more active. Around 62% of those surveyed credit their dog with helping them get out of the house for a walk at least twice a day, and 68% have even noticed health benefits.

“Dog ownership is a great responsibility, but it also comes with great physical, emotional, and mental benefits,” noted a Link AKC representative.

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons / Mike Baird

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