Do You Know Why Dogs Spin Before Going To The Bathroom?

by Caroline Bayard
This writer is a New Yorker with wanderlust. She loves good food, music, the beach, and storytelling.

Forget about kids, dogs are the ones who truly do the darnedest things sometimes.

My pets can be so strange that I barely even question things anymore, but you have to sometimes wonder what is actually going through their brains when they do the things they do.

As you can see in this freaky video of a dog petrified to go upstairs for no reason, there is often no explanation whatsoever. However, as we learn in this next video, at least one canine mystery has been solved, and I have to admit it’s way more interesting than I would have ever expected.

I’m referring to dogs and their pooping habits, of course. Have you ever noticed how pooches tend to spin around in circles before they do their business? I always thought it had to do with them being very careful about where they mark their territory, but according to the following video from Discovery, there’s a lot more to those circle turns.

In the video, Anthony Carboni explains the reason behind dogs’ instincts to use the bathroom in certain places and surprisingly, it has more to do with the Earth’s magnetic field than with their crazy behavior. If you’re a dog owner, this may not be the answer you were looking for to all of your pet’s mysteries, but this is definitely something you should know.

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