2 Dog Walkers And Their Pups Get Trapped By Rising Tide Until Rescuers In Boat Speed Toward Them

by Gwendolyn Plummer
Gwen is a writer, reader, hockey fan, concert goer, and lunchtime enthusiast.

There are so many possibilities for adventure when you’re walking a dog.

If you let the dog lead, you can end up discovering a new area of town you’ve never been to before.

You can make a new friend, or learn a new thing, all because you took your dog for a walk.

But, you can also get yourself into dangerous situations if you’re not careful.

According to VideoElephant, two women in Lincolnshire, England ended up in a scary situation while walking their dogs.

They were walking their dogs along the water when suddenly the tide rose, trapping the women and their dogs. Imagine how scary it would be to be standing on land one minute, and realize you’re surrounded by water the next.

Thankfully, emergency services were quickly alerted to the scary situation, and they rushed out to help.

The dramatic water rescue was caught on camera, too. It really looks like something out of a movie!

This was definitely a scary situation for everyone involved, but it’s adorable how excited the dogs are when their rescuers come to save the day. Hopefully, neither the dogs nor their humans are turned off from beach trips after that harrowing day.

Thankfully, the dogs and the dog walkers are all okay now! Check out the rescue in the video below, and please SHARE this story on Facebook!

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