Man Hits Record In Living Room, Catches His 2 Huskies Locked In The Weirdest Sing-Off

by Christian Cotroneo
Christian is a writer living in Toronto, Canada, who shares his home with his dog, Luna.

When these dogs are happy, well, you’ll know it.

In fact, when beautiful huskies Max and Ally hang out on the couch, it’s always a howling good time. Even their owner, Daniel Nichols of Victoria, Australia, can’t help but grin as he records their strange and wonderful symphony.

In the video below, you can see Nichols in the foreground, while Max and Ally blare into each other’s mouths.

These dogs not only bear an uncanny resemblance to each other — as they should, since they’re brother and sister — they also have identical, err… singing voices.

The funny thing is, while this pair can often be heard singing this strange, playful duet, they’re very rarely caught doing it on camera.

Sure, not everyone is into being filmed. Remember the owl who treated a hidden camera in her nest as a serious breach of privacy? But sometimes, as this social experiment at a Chicago high school proved, it can bring out the best in people.

It seems Nichols had to pretend he was posing for a selfie to catch these sonorous siblings in action.

And we’re glad he did! Even if their music probably won’t land them a gig on Australia’s Got Talent, it does remind us that the bond between siblings is really something to sing about.

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