Loyal Family Dog Helps Locate Child Missing For Nine Hours

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

Having a dog as part of your family comes with many benefits. They give you love and comfort, and are always there to greet you enthusiastically when you come home.

People would do anything for their pets, and when they’re lost, they desperately try to get them back. But dogs can also be extremely useful tools — that’s why police units use them as part of their squads!

Even in unusual situations, dogs can be extremely helpful, and it’s all because of their incredible sense of loyalty. A family in Virginia learned that their rescue pup wasn’t just a loved one, but a lifesaver!

Three-year-old Mason wandered off into the woods when he wanted to follow his father, who was driving away to go to work.

The toddler didn’t just wander a couple of feet, but a couple of miles.

He was missing for nine hours.

While he was gone, family and hundreds of volunteers searched high and low for him, and couldn’t find any trace of him. But around 3 a.m., authorities heard barking. It was the family dog, Banjo!

Banjo was rescued by Mason’s family two years ago, and followed the little boy for as long as he was lost. He barked when he sensed people who could help him. The little one is safe, and the family is endlessly thankful for the loyal pup’s actions.

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