Dogs Are Dying Because People Are Stuffing Rat Poison Into Bread And Leaving It Outside

by June Rivers
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This is absolutely horrifying, and something of which pet owners everywhere should be aware.

Recently, there have been reports of people leaving food items filled with rat poison in dog parks across the UK — and now the potentially fatal trend is spreading across the pond and to the states.

On Christmas day 2017, residents of Sussex in England reported seeing bread stuffed with green pills scattered around dog parks. The pills contained rat poison, and ingesting it can be lethal.

In November 2017, a dog owner named Kim from Kansas City, Missouri found her beloved dog Missy dead on the bedroom floor.

Kim noticed Missy acting strangely after letting her come in from the backyard. She was lethargic and “wobbly,” and the next morning she threw up.

As Kim inspected the vomit, she saw a reddish-brown meat stuffed with small rabbit pellets… again, rat poison.

Terrifyingly, there have been nearly identical stories in other states.

Watch the video below to learn what signs to look for if your pet ingests rat poison.

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