He Just Came Back From War And Was Suffering From PTSD, But This Pit Bull Ended Up Saving His Life.

by Ginger Divine

Coming back home after fighting a war is an harrowing experience for any soldier. It can feel downright impossible to get back to the sense of “normalcy” you once knew.

Many soldiers trying to readapt to civilian life but are feeling alone and like they have no where to turn.

David Sharpe was one of those soldiers. After returning home from deployments to Saudi Arabia and Uzbekistan he started experiencing high anxiety and recurring nightmares. His anger and fear was so bad that he soon became confined to his Virginia home. Sharpe was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

A friend convinced and ever increasingly agitated Sharpe to check out a local Pit Bill animal rescue where he found Cheyanne, a two-month-old that he adopted and eventually changed his life.

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