Adorable Baby Golden Retriever Needs To Get Doggy Braces

by Paul Morris
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People will do just about anything for their furry companions. There’s just something about the relationship between dogs and humans that will make a dog owner go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that their dog is healthy and happy.

When Molly Moore first laid eyes on a little golden retriever puppy, she knew in her heart that she had found the dog that was meant to be with her forever.

Little baby Wesley was the picture of a perfect puppy. His cute little face, his fluffy fur, his energetic disposition, just about everything showed just how happy this little guy truly was.

But as he grew up into a young dog, this little guy began to show some problems with his mouth. His adult teeth seemed to be coming in wrong, and this puppy who used to be so happy was no longer playing with his toys and wasn’t eating nearly as much as a dog of his age should.

Luckily, Molly’s dad is a very special kind of dentist.

As a talented dentist at the Harborfront Hospital for Animals, this team of amazing people work every day to help save the lives of countless animals all around their area. If only we had more people like them in the world!

Check out what Molly’s father does for baby Wesley in the story below!

Wesley was a happy and healthy little puppy who was quickly growing up to be a big and beautiful golden retriever!

But while everything seemed fine at first, it became apparent that something was wrong with Wesley’s mouth. He stopped playing with his squeaky toys and he didn’t eat as much as you’d expect.

Thankfully, Molly’s dad is a self-described “Doggie Dentist!” Working on pet’s teeth is usually never for aesthetic reasons as humans often do with braces, but because of potentially dangerous health concerns. Little Wesley couldn’t even close his mouth all the way, so something had to be done and fast!

Dr. Moore saw what was going on and saw that little Wesley would have to undergo some important tooth realignment. Everything was coming in wrong in this poor dog’s mouth and it was causing some considerable pain. Thankfully, Dr. Moore figured out how to solve all of Wesley’s problems!

While Dr. Moore is used to performing root canals (for the dog’s pain) and oral surgery (for broken jaws), he didn’t mind giving his daughter’s puppy some braces to straighten out his teeth!

Thankfully, Wesley didn’t need to wear the braces very long. After a few weeks of wearing his doggie braces, everything in this pooch’s mouth were fixed!

Now it seems that Molly and her dog have a reason to smile! Thank goodness for modern medicine and its ability to transform a life that would have otherwise been filled with constant mouth pain. Now Wesley can go back to focusing on being a pooch, and the wonderful Molly can busy herself playing with her baby puppy!

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