Green-Loving Boy In Wheelchair Adopts Puppy Born With Lime Green Tint To Become His Service Dog

by Emerald Pellot
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Liam Mcgourty is a 10-year-old grappling with a rare form of muscular dystrophy. Over the course of a year, he has become wheelchair-bound.

But it’s clear that Liam hasn’t lost his optimism or positivity. The little Red Sox fan calls his green wheelchair the “Green Monster” — after the iconic green wall in the outfield of the baseball team’s home park.

“My favorite color is green,” Liam states.

And it just so happens that Liam was recently in line at Golden Opportunities of Independence, waiting to receive a golden retriever that would grow up to be his service dog.

The owner, Pauline Hoegler, was stunned when her dog, Bridget, had a litter of 10 — but especially because she gave birth to one puppy that had green-tinted fur.

“I called up Kristen and Jeff and said we have a puppy for Liam, and it happens to be green,” Pauline says.

Liam was ecstatic about the special dog, whom he named Fenway.

It’s assumed that the lime green tint came from his mother’s bile leaking into the sac and dying Fenway’s fur. The dog’s green fur has now faded away, but Liam seems just fine with that.

“I think that’s cool that he was green once,” Liam adds. “When I first saw him, I felt happy.”

The 5-week-old puppy is being trained to be Liam’s service dog and to compensate for some of the abilities he is losing as the disease progresses.

“It will be like a friend for me,” Liam says. “He’s just so cute.”

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