Steve Harvey Has Funny Reaction When Woman Answers What A Husband Should Never Say To His Wife

by Ana Luisa Suarez
Ana is an Associate Editor who loves animals and food. A good taco and a snuggle with her dogs is all she needs.

There is a reason that Family Feud has been on TV for 40 years now.

Through many hosts and different styles of play, this show has reigned supreme over four different decades because it is always entertaining!

Watching people win lots of money is cool, but it is much more fun to watch them say something crazy, stupid, or completely out there.

Steve Harvey has been the host since 2010. Every season seems to get funnier and funnier, especially when he’s making crazy faces after hearing people’s answers.

It is a rare day if Steve has a normal expression for the entire episode. He has the most expressive face on TV!

During an episode of the 2016 season, Steve was pretty shocked and speechless when one woman gave him an answer he hadn’t expected.

Maybe the question itself was what threw him the most.

Steve asked,”Name a command that a dog whisperer might accidentally whisper to his wife,” and Kinda gave an answer that any wife can agree would immediately get her man tossed in the doghouse. Do you agree? What do you think of Steve’s reaction? Tell us in the comments!

If you thought this response was hilarious, you’ll also love Steve’s reaction when a man told him what he thought was a dirty job, but “someone’s gotta do it.”

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