Dog Loses The Use Of Her Back Legs Overnight, But She Learns How To Walk Again In A Harness

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

Dogs are such resilient creatures.

They can be in the most unfortunate circumstances and still have a positive disposition.

Time and time again, pups in shelters, like these furry friends, prove this to be true. Even if they’ve gone through truly tough times, they can still have the happiest outlook on life.

That goes for canines who have been injured or lost the use of their limbs, like the cute puggle in the clip down below.

The sweet doggy named Pudge slipped a disk in her spine and lost the use of her legs overnight. 

The pooch was still seeing no improvement after a month, so her owner’s brother-in-law brought something over to lift her spirits.

It was a back-leg harness, which is a special contraption for handicapped dogs. It elevates the dog’s back legs, keeping them from dragging on the ground as they walk with their front ones.

This helps dogs to regain their mobility a bit — and it definitely did wonders for Pudge.

With her new harness on, she was able to fly down the street. Her legs didn’t stop her from having a great time outside!

After getting her gift, this doggy’s energy is so inspiring. Check her out down below.

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