Owner Is Rushed To The Emergency Room, But Loyal Dog Refuses To Leave And Waits Outside

by Nadine DeNinno
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Everyone knows a dog is and will always be man’s best friend, especially during a time of need. They wait patiently for you to get home from work or a vacation and give the most welcoming greetings.

They lick you affectionately when you’re sick, thinking they can make it all better. They’re by your side when you’re sad with a head to pat.

But this dog proved he’s even more than a best friend when his owner fell ill while in a public place. And not only did he protect his human and provide comfort during the emergency, he got to go along to the hospital, thanks to the London Ambulance Service staff in Harrow, who cared for both the patient and the very protective pooch.

Twitter / LAS_Harrow

According to a London hospital, this dog was with his owner when an ambulance rushed to the scene. But rather than separate them, the emergency responders took the little guy along for the ride.

Twitter / LAS_Harrow

“Patient became I’ll [sic] in a public place and the crew couldn’t wait for doggy rescue–used their initiative & set pup up outside A&E amb bays,” the hospital wrote on Twitter.

Flickr / northwich

The ambulance staffers kept him warm, fed him, and gave him water out of a makeshift bowl outside Northwick Park Hospital’s A&E department.

Twitter / LAS_Harrow

“While he waited, he made himself at home near the ambulance bays, so we wrapped him up to keep him warm,” said Sarah, an apprentice paramedic.

Twitter / LAS_Harrow

“He seemed very entertained by the passing ambulance crews and hospital staff and even managed to sneak a bite of our lunch!”

Flickr / Matt Brown

The ambulance company said the patient has since been released from the hospital and was reunited with the loyal pooch.

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