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Dog Is Trapped In Icy Pond But When Shirtless Man Comes To Help, He Starts Biting His Rescuer

by Jess Butler
Jess is a curly-haired Jersey girl who adores penguins and watches the worst reality shows on TV.

It was a cold, snowy day when this Russian dog found himself in an emergency situation.

The ground was blanketed with fresh white snow.

In the middle of what appeared to be a park pond stood a stark hole, leading to freezing cold water. Clinging to the edge of the icy hole was a black and white dog. His paws were firmly pressed into the ice, so he could hold on as long as possible. How the dog ended up there is unknown, but it was clear that this fluffy friend was in trouble.

Being that the dog was in the middle of a frozen-over body of water, passersby were hesitant to help. After all, their weight could have cracked the ice further, making for an even scarier situation.

The poor dog appeared to have little hope left of escaping the chilly waters.

Suddenly, a shirtless man rushed over to help, shuffling barefoot across the ice.

We’re not sure if he removed his clothing so he could better help the dog, or if he was shirtless to begin with, but let us proceed.

Once the man got close enough, he slid down to his knees and onto his stomach. He gently reached out for the dog, but his kind gesture wasn’t very well received.

The cold, scared dog opened his mouth and bit the hand of the man trying to save him. The dog must have felt too frightened and his defenses went up. Luckily, the man wasn’t about to leave the dog there because of a few bite marks.

The shirtless man continued reaching for the dog, trying to avoid his sharp bites. He steadied himself, preparing for a one-time shot at saving this dog’s life.

He smoothly grabbed the nape of the dog’s neck and plucked him up and out of the water. Once the canine was safe, he cheerfully walked away, and the shirtless man basked in the glory of being a hero.

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