Dog Proves He’s More Than A Best Friend By Helping Pregnant Owner Fetch Tissues For Her Sneezing

by Nadine DeNinno
Nadine is a writer and editor living in New York City. She has contributed to OK! Magazine, Star Magazine, The International Business Times and House Beautiful. She can name every celebrity dog on Instagram and enjoys ballet, music and a good pun.

Dogs are the best. Man’s best friends always seem to know when their humans are happy, responding with licking and tail wagging.

They also sense when people are sad, giving extra cuddles, or when sick, staying right by their owner’s side.

And sometimes, a dog knows just what you need, not to mention most canines are gifted in the game of fetch.

The dog in the video below is pretty much the best in show when it comes to dog helpers.

The adorable Labrador who lives in Dublin was filmed doing a good deed for his pregnant owner that wasn’t only extremely helpful, but extremely adorable.

After his owner lets out a big sneeze, the Lab knows was to do. His immediate instinct is to trot across the room with one task in mind: get his owner a tissue.

Wagging his tail the whole way, the Lab carefully pulls one tissue from the box with ease, using his mouth — and somehow manages not to knock over the box or pull out more than one tissue.

He immediately returns to his owner, who is sitting on the couch, to give her the tissue, then stays around to make sure she’s OK. The Lab gets a good pat on this head for his generous deed and proves that a dog’s love is the strongest bond out there.

The owner, who admitted she was nine months pregnant at the time, said he was just lending a helpful hand — or mouth, rather.

It’s unclear if the adorable pooch was trained to do this or just learned from watching his owner grab her own tissues. Either way, he’s one impressive Labrador!

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