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Nursing Home Worker Ventures Deep Into Woods And Finds Dog Tied To Tree And Left For Dead

by Amy P
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Surrendering a pet can be a brutally painful decision, but there are several options when it comes to safe and kind rehoming of animals.

Dumping an animal outside to fend for itself is not one of them.

In September 2018, a dog walker discovered a large female pit bull abandoned in a New York City park. The person who abandoned her also left a handwritten note listing her good qualities to encourage any passersby to take her home.

Weeks later, a similar incident took place in the same area. A nursing home employee from the Bronx was taking his lunch break when something deep in the park woods caught his attention.

Just out of the corner of his eye, he saw a nearly 100-pound pit bull tied to a tree.

He posted a photo of the poor abandoned dog to a local Facebook group, and within minutes the community banded together to right the wrong that had been done. People from all over the area rushed from their homes and offices, dog treats in hand, to save the black-and-white pittie.

Jonathan Nolan was one of the people who happened to see the Facebook post. The volunteer shelter worker arrived at the scene and was baffled that anyone could leave this friendly, playful dog to die outside all alone.

Jonathan also has a heartbreaking theory about the dog’s past. But as you’re about to see, things were about to take a heartwarming turn for the dog and his newfound friend.

Footage provided by WPIX New York

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