Dog Gives Owner The Scare Of A Lifetime When She Runs Away And Takes Herself To Day Care

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

Losing a pet can be devastating for any owner who considers that furry friend to be a member of the family. There is no replacing that precious dog or cat (or any other kind of pet).

So you can only imagine how devastated and worried Linda Zimmer was when her 15-month-old malamute, Izabella, suddenly ran off.

She was walking her pup when Izabella suddenly got loose from her leash and ran away. Despite her owner’s calls, she continued running until she was out of sight.

Linda was desperate for help, thinking that she would never see her beloved pooch again.

But soon enough, she received a call: It was from the Canine Social Club, a day care for dogs. Izabella had walked in with another owner and dog.

When Linda didn’t show up right behind her, employees knew that something was wrong. That’s when they called the heartbroken woman to give her the good news.

Izabella had quite the adventurous day, running through the streets all by herself! Perhaps she just wanted to have a little fun and play with her furry friends, but she gave Linda the scare of her life in the process!

“Very emotional,” Linda said, explaining, “I was crying because I didn’t know what had happened to her.”

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