Long-Lost Dog Reunited With Owner After Good Samaritans Spot Him Roaming The Subway And Save Him

by Olivia Jakiel
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What a happy ending for what could have been a very tragic outcome, all thanks to some Good Samaritans on the subway.

Jake, a beautiful shepherd-looking mix belonging to Thayer Joyce, had been missing since late December. However, while waiting for the subway one afternoon, a woman who refers to herself as “The Artist Known As Jennifer Vanilla” spotted Jake running through the subway in New York City — on the tracks, no less, which is obviously extremely dangerous for not only Jake but everyone on the trains as well.

“I’m waiting for the J train at about 1:30 in the afternoon — just an average day — and all of a sudden a man started yelling, ‘A dog!

A dog!'” she recounted to reporters. “And like any New Yorker, I averted my eyes and assumed he was delusional.”

Except the man wasn’t delusional. There really was a dog on the tracks, and Jennifer knew she had to take action immediately. Jennifer pushed the red button on the emergency call box and alerted authorities to the situation. Thankfully, they already had a plan in action.

“In the meantime, we were all looking for it; people kept spotting him running underneath the lip of the subway platform,” Jennifer added.

After over nine hours of Jake running through the subway, he was finally caught and returned to his owner, who was obviously ecstatic to be reunited with him. She took to Instagram to let everyone know the good news, posting a photo on her story that said, “I have him and he’s ok!!!”

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