Little Dog Can’t Stop Crying When Soldier Mom Walks Through The Door After 6-Month Deployment

by Mauricio Castillo
Mauricio has been writing for 11 years and is deeply into movies, sports and anything funny.

Missing a loved one isn’t just reserved for humans; it happens to animals, too! And if the master sergeant in the video below didn’t know that, she definitely knew after coming home to see her dog!

I never had the luxury of growing up with a pet, so it always fascinated me how my friends’ pets reacted whenever they hadn’t seem them in awhile.

All my friends who had dogs needed only to disappear for a few hours and then return to find their pups literally jumping for joy.

Even a good friend of mine with a cat experienced something similar. She was gone for about a week and when she returned, her car crept over and rubbed herself all over her legs for several minutes!

It just goes to confirm that reunions aren’t just a human thing.

In the video below, Master Sgt. Lisa Todaro finally returned home.

She had been deployed for six months with the Air National Guard and hadn’t seen her loved ones in all that time.

That included her beloved dog, Zeus.

At the start of the video, Zeus rushed to the door the moment Lisa opened it to come inside.

And what followed was one of the most heartwarming reunions between mom and dog that I’ve ever seen!

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