Puppy Throws Her Head Back And Howls Along When She Hears Her Mom Play Guitar

by Rebekka Spiller
Rebekka is a small town girl making her way through the Big Apple. She previously has worked at Shape Magazine and She loves cozying up under her cat bedding with a new book and is currently involved in a maddening love affair with Ben and Jerry's.

Sometimes that song comes on the radio that you just can’t stop yourself from singing along to, and this seems to be exactly what’s going on with this couple’s adorable puppy.

As the twang of guitar strings break the silence of the brightly lit living room, it could easily be the opening scene for a country music video.

A little dog with soft, shaggy, copper fur sits perfectly posed on the plush cushions of a cream-colored sofa. Her eyes are fixated on her owners, who are playing around with a music app.

As her owners continue to fiddle (no pun intended) around with the string sounds, their puppy’s ears perk up and she dramatically arches her neck back and lets out a gentle howl.

She pauses for a brief moment, as if to listen for the perfect note, then joins back in with a bit more vigor.

She glances back over at the person playing the chords and studies their motions intently again.

This time she really belts it out, letting out a much more enthusiastic howl and holding the note for much longer. She takes a quick gasp for air, then continues singing out the note.

After adding a few Mariah Carey-esque runs, Maggie seems content with her performance and prepares herself for a well-deserved rest.

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