Dog Plays Piano And Sings Hilarious Jazz Song

by Paul Morris
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Dogs pay special attention to humans in ways that some of the top scientists in the world are only just beginning to understand.

After spending thousands and thousands of years together, the relationship between humans and our furry friends is truly something that’s never been seen on the face of the Earth. Dogs are so tuned into humans that they can read even the slightest facial changes and can even read our body language better than humans can!

Of all the animals on the planet, dogs are one of the only species that actually understand when a human points to an object, that the human wants the dog to look at where they’re pointing instead of their hands.

Not even chimpanzees understand what that means!

So it should come as no surprise when the adorable little dog in this video wants to emulate his human friend in a very special way.

It turns out that the neighbors of this man have been sending in countless noise complaints for excessive screaming and loud music. The man was understandably confused because all of these complaints occurred when he was away at work.

So after doing a bit of detective work, he decided to set up a camera to see just where this noise was coming from. He had some suspicions however. His pooch always loved to sing with him whenever he played at the piano, so he placed the camera right in front of the instrument, and the footage he captured is just too perfect not to watch!

While the dog needs a bit of practice to sing more in key, we’ve got to say he’s off to a great start in his career as a jazz musician!

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The owner recieved noise complaints from the neighbours, so they set up a nanny cam. This is what they saw LOL

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