Heroic Dog Saves Wounded Woman After She Falls Off Cliff

by Rebecca Landman
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Dina Wuest and her dog, Bonnie, were hiking along on a glorious outdoor adventure, when disaster struck.

Wuest fell off a cliff, and broke her leg in the process. Injured, and with no other human beings anywhere in sight, Wuest drifted into a panic.

Just then, she looked up and saw Bonnie, her faithful companion, slowly descending the mountainside.

This loyal pup sensed her mom was in danger, and just knew she had to find a way to come to the rescue.

Wuest needed medical attention right away, but fortunately, Bonnie was about to save the day. How? She brought with her an incredible surprise.

Even more, Bonnie stayed close to her mom, providing loyal companionship during this time of need.

Thanks to Bonnie’s loyalty, Wuest got her much-needed aid, and all involved had a happy ending indeed.

Keep scrolling through below to see how this loyal dog helped save her mom in a terrible time of crisis.

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dog on hike

Dina Wuest and her dog, Bonnie, recently took a lovely little weekend camping trip, out in New Zealand’s Tararua Ranges.

The weekend was a dream, until things took a turn.

Wuest and her pup decided to head out hiking on Mt. Holdsworth’s jumbo circuit trail.

However, partway through their hike, Wuest fell off one of the mountain’s cliffs.

girl in neck brace

As Wuest lay at the bottom of the cliff, her leg now immobile, she lost sight of Bonnie.

Wuest told the Dodo: “I fell and was facing the cliff, so I couldn’t see her, but I heard her making her way down the side of the cliff where it was not so steep.

“Within about a minute, she was by my side.”

Bonnie came rushing to her injured mom’s aid, carrying the one thing that could save them both from this dreadful situation: Wuest’s phone.

Wuest had stashed the phone in a vest Bonnie was wearing earlier that day, so once Bonnie reached her side, she used it to call for help.

girl with broken leg

The two gals awaited rescue, and all the while, Bonnie snuggled up close to her mom.

Wuest told the Dodo: “She curled up beside me and stayed there until the helicopter arrived.

“We had to wait for a bit over an hour for them to come and she stayed with me the whole time.” 

Rescuers eventually airlifted Wuest and Bonnie to safety.

girl on mountain

Once Wuest got to the hospital, doctors informed her that she had broken her femur.

girl at graduation

She had surgery to mend the break, and is now recovering from her ordeal quite nicely.

girl in sunshine

Thanks to Bonnie’s loyalty and bravery, Wuest survived her fall and will now live to tell the tale.

When her mom took a tumble, this loyal dog came running, and heroically saved the day.

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