A Very Excited Dog Is The Ring Bearer At This Wedding

by Nicole Cannizzaro
Nicole is a writer who studied journalism. She loves music and spending time with her family.

When something unexpected happens at a wedding, I think it’s automatically taken lightly and given lots of laugher just because of the happiness radiating from the big day.

I remember when an unexpected little wedding singer effortlessly stole my heart at his aunt’s wedding — Stealing a bride’s spotlight could never be an issue when you’re that cute.

Everything on your wedding day is supposed to be happy and involve everyone you love and care about. For the couple you’re about to see, that includes their four-legged friend. Although this may be an unexpected guest for some, the bride and groom clearly had their mind set about their very influential addition to their wedding party.

This goes to show that your wedding is about you, don’t stick to the social norms! This bride had her own grandma in her wedding party. How beautiful is that? To each their own. You should make it your special day however you want to, and this couple definitely did.

When the bride and groom are already at the end of the aisle waiting to be married, everyone pulls out their phone to record an unexpected guest plowing through the aisle! I would totally do this at my wedding. Would you?

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