Woman Rescues A Pitbull Pup But Quickly Realizes She Has Brought Home Someone Else’s Pet

by Kim Wong-Shing
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It was any pet owner’s worst nightmare: coming home to an empty house, with your pet nowhere to be found.

A Brooklyn couple was missing their dog for six agonizing days before finally reuniting with her in the most unexpected way.

Chris Mayne and Kaori Goto weren’t sure if they’d ever see their pup Zoey, a 12-year-old terrier mix, again. Burglars had broken into their home while they were on vacation in Georgia. The thieves took two valuable items: Zoey and an expensive folding bike. But only one of those is completely irreplaceable.

Chris and Kaori searched in vain for days but came up with nothing.

Meanwhile, all the way across New York, a dog-loving mother unexpectedly discovered Zoey one day.

Selina Parham, a Bronx resident, has rescued over 70 pit bulls. So when she heard that some neighborhood men were planning to put a dog to sleep, she took matters into her own hands. She rescued the dog and welcomed her into the Parham home.

Selina says she quickly realized that she had found someone’s pet.

“I knew this wasn’t a young dog. She’s an old lady,” Selina told the Daily News. “And I was quite sure that she had a family out there that loves her.”

Selina planned to take the dog to the ASPCA on her day off from work to check for a microchip, but she didn’t get the chance. While she was still in bed, Selina saw a Facebook post about a dog stolen from a home in Brooklyn.

There was no doubt about it. It was Zoey.

Selina called Chris and Kaori right away, and they rushed over to see their beloved pooch. They cried tears of joy when they finally saw Zoey again.

“It was such a happy moment,” Chris said.

“We hugged, they cried, it was beautiful,” Selina added. “It made me feel good just to know they didn’t have to miss out on their family pet because someone was being cruel.”

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