Hero Golden Retriever Spots Bird Drowning In Pool, So He Rushes Over To Save Its Life

by Kim Wong-Shing
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Golden retrievers are known for their loving nature and high intelligence. But Yago the golden retriever really took things to a new level by rescuing a bird from a pool.

Six-year-old Yago lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with his human, Mariana Corti. Mariana was looking out the window one afternoon when she noticed a bird struggling in the pool in their garden. Yago noticed, too.

So the pup ran over to the pool and began executing Mission: Retrieve That Bird. He reached over the edge of the pool toward the bird, at which point the bird began flapping violently. Understandably, the bird probably assumed that Yago was going in for the kill.

But instead, the dog gently grabbed the bird with his mouth, pulled it out of the water, and deposited it onto the grass.

“Once he’d got it on the floor, he left it alone,” Mariana recalled, per StoryTrender. “When the bird was dry, it flew away.”

Success! Golden retrievers were bred to retrieve game birds for hunters, but in this case, Yago used his retrieving instincts for a more benevolent purpose.

“I couldn’t have been prouder,” Mariana said.

Luckily for us, the whole rescue mission was captured on video.

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