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Tornado Destroys Home And Traps Dog Under Rubble Until Neighbors Come Together To Free Him

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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In late February 2018, rural Montgomery County, Tennessee, was ravaged by two tornadoes. According to the Leaf-Chronicle, the storms hit on Saturday night, February 24, and damaged at least a dozen homes.

One home in Clarksville, Tennessee, was totally destroyed, according to Inside Edition. Sadly, the house collapsed on top of a dog — but amazingly, the pup managed to survive.

After the tornado ripped through Clarksville, neighbors emerged from their homes to assess the damage. And that’s when a group came together to help the family dog escape from a scary-looking pile of rubble.

In the video below, the rubble is deep and definitely dangerous — there’s even what looks like a washing machine on the very top of the pile. But with the help of caring neighbors and a bag filled with dog food, the Clarksville community is able to remove enough of the debris and coax the scared dog back out to safety. It’s a long and arduous rescue mission — but without a doubt it was worth it.

I can only imagine how incredible it must have felt to watch the dog escape from the rubble. Thankfully, he looked unharmed and actually pretty unfazed.

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Photos: Leaf-Chronicle

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