Street Dog Dying From Mange Makes A Shocking Transformation

by Caroline Bayard
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Here at LittleThings, we’re no strangers to amazing animal rescues. We like to give credit where credit is due and we are so grateful for all of the “angels” on earth who go above and beyond the call of duty to help animals in need.

The thing is, most of the dogs and cats we see are rescued from the streets of the United States, where there are so many strays in need. Yet, if you take a look at videos like this one of a dog covered in tar who was rescued in India, it’s clear that there are dogs all over the world in far, far worse condition.

Animal Aid Unlimited is one of the few programs out there who are true miracle workers. No where on the planet are there more stray dogs than in India, a country that incidentally has more than a third of the world’s human deaths by rabies.

To say it’s an epidemic would be an understatement, yet although a majority of these dogs are dangerous scavengers who feed off garbage piles, not one of them deserves to suffer like the dog in the following video.

This dog was suffering from the most severe case of mange I’ve ever seen in my life when they found him. Thanks to one kindhearted and very brave rescuer, this dog received a life-saving transformation and hopeful second chance.

WARNING: This video contains graphic images of a dog who was in severe condition before his amazing recovery and transformation.

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