Grieving Woman At Cemetery Finds Loyal Chihuahua Refusing To Leave Dead Owner’s Grave

by June Rivers
When she's not blogging for the 'net, June loves cuddling with her cats and reading in her library at home.

Deta the dog was grief-stricken when her owner passed away at 86 years old. The pair had been inseparable.

The woman’s daughter, Theresa, inherited Deta in the wake of her mom’s death. A few weeks after the funeral, Theresa, her husband, and Deta went to the cemetery in Amsterdam, New York, to place a Christmas wreath on her grave.

Deta, which means “little” in Slavic, was being so quiet when they arrived. Theresa says this is very out of character for her. It was as if she instantly sensed where they were going.

While visiting the grave plot, however, Deta grew more and more attached to the area — to the point she refused to leave.

“That stone Deta is laying next to belongs to my father and mother,” Theresa said. “You can still see the fresh dirt on my mothers’ grave.”

“Come on Deta, let’s go,” her new owners urged him. But she wouldn’t budge.

Theresa broke down in tears watching the dog’s tear-jerking reaction. Finally, her husband had to pick her up and carry her out of the cemetery.

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