Dog Missing Military Owner Found Curled Up In A Tub Of His Old Clothes

by Kim Wong-Shing
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Absence might make the heart grow fonder, but that’s not to say it’s easy to weather — even for a pooch.

Infantryman Michael Yost was deployed overseas this past April, leaving his wife Jessica and their two dogs behind in Germany. His departure was hard on all of them — especially their Lab-Collie mix named Fruitloops, who tried to cope with the ordeal by climbing into a plastic storage container filled with Michael’s old trousers and military sleeping bag. Caught on camera by Jessica, Fruitloops’ heart-wrenching gesture is now going viral.

“It broke my heart when I saw Fruitloops curled up in the tub of Michael’s old clothes,” Jessica said, according to MSN.

“He looked so heartbroken — he doesn’t understand that his dad is coming back [in the fall].”

After watching Fruitloops lie in the garments for a few minutes, Jessica did her best to cheer him up: “I tried to perk him up by talking to him,” she said. “My dogs feel like my children, so it’s really heartbreaking, but once I started talking to him, he perked up.”

The extent of Fruitloops’ distress is a bit surprising, as Michael isn’t even Fruitloops’ original owner.

“He just met my husband last year when we got engaged and instantly bonded with him,” Jessica explained. “I actually told Michael when we first started dating, ‘If my dog, Fruitloops, doesn’t like you, we won’t be able to continue dating.'”

“Obviously, Fruitloops fell in love with him,” she added.

Watch the video below to see just what she means…

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