When This Pup Met Her ‘Twin’ On A Walk, Her Owner Knew She Had To Bring The Good Boy Home Too

by Angela Andaloro

You’ve seen people take selfies with total strangers who look just like them, but have you ever heard of doppelgänger dogs?

One owner couldn’t believe her eyes when she was on a stroll with her dog and met the pup’s “twin.” Bethany Coleman was on a walk with her dog, Rogue, when they came across a dog that was almost identical to the cairn terrier mix. Beast, as he would eventually come to be known, was out with Last Hope K9 Rescue for an adoption event.

Bethany was initially apprehensive about picking up another dog. In fact, her boyfriend was interested in getting another pooch, but Bethany was against it!

The couple already shared two older cats in addition to Rogue, and Bethany thought that adding yet another animal might be a little tough for them to manage. But once the two pups started playing together, Bethany immediately knew she couldn’t leave Rogue’s twin behind.

Meet Rogue and Beast. At a quick glance, they might seem like they’re from the same litter.

It wasn’t genetics but fate that brought these pups together.

Bethany spoke to Bored Panda about the unexpected encounter.

It all started when Bethany was out for a walk with her dog, Rogue, headed to the local farmers market.

En route, they walked by a rescue’s adoption setup, and Bethany spotted a pup who looked very much like Rogue.

Bethany and her boyfriend had discussed getting another dog, but Bethany was against it — at least until she set eyes on Beast.

“I just instantly fell in love with him! He was Rogue’s twin!” Bethany told Bored Panda.

Once the two dogs began happily playing together, Bethany knew she had to add Beast to the family.

She began filling out adoption paperwork on the spot, and before they knew it, Beast was on his way home with them.

The transition wasn’t entirely easy. Rogue, Beast, and the couple’s two cats needed to get used to one another.

“It took about a month for everyone, including the cats, to find their groove,” Bethany explained.

Once all the pets established their pack order, it was clear that Bethany had made the right decision bringing Rogue and Beast together.

The two cairn terrier mixes even have their own Instagram account to share their hijinks together with the world.

The whole family recently made the move from Boston to Hawaii, and while Beast and Rogue miss chasing squirrels, they’re starting to enjoy their new home.

Beast loves the beach and is trying to teach Rogue how to leave the crabs behind for some fun in the surf and sun.

It’s clear that these two cuties coming together was an act of fate. Everything does indeed happen for a reason!