11 Easy Ways To Make Life With Your Dog Even Better

by Jess Catcher
Jess grew up in Oklahoma before moving to New York to become a writer. She has a cat named Agnes.

Like most dog owners, I love spoiling my little pup every chance I get. Unfortunately, my bank account isn’t as big a fan of that as she is when I rack up a long receipt of items at the pet store.

That’s why I love stumbling upon DIY dog life hacks like the amazing tricks below to help me stay more within my budget. Sure, I’ll still splurge on an adorable collar or toy at the store, but these ideas have definitely given my finances a much-needed breather.

Whether it’s a brilliant way to keep their health in check in between vet visits or make both of your lives less stressful, or just a fun way for them to spend time, you will both have big smiles on your faces with any of these amazing options.

Take a look at the DIY dog life hacks and let us know if we missed any that you’ve used to make you and your pooch happy campers.

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1. Put A Ball In The Food Bowl For Fast Eaters

ball in food bowl

This is perfect for pups who scarf down their meals a bit too fast. You can use a softball, tennis ball, or any other sturdy type you might have already in your home.

2. Freeze Treats And Toys Into An Ice Block

ice block

Add some yummy chicken broth to the water mixture and you’ll not only have a great way to keep your dogs cool during the summer, but they’ll have a blast uncovering all their favorite things too.

3. Make A Car Seat With A Laundry Basket

laundry basket car seat

If your pup is always sliding around in the back seat on road trips, this simple trick can be buckled into the car and keep them nice and comfy.

4. Stop Bleeding Nails With Flour

dog nails

It’s unfortunately super easy to accidentally trim their nails a bit too close, but vets say you can use flour or cornstarch to help soak up the mess and start the healing process.

5. Turn An Old Sock And A Water Bottle Into A Toy

crinkle toy

Why spend money on expensive toys that they’re going to destroy anyway when you can make an endless amount out of these everyday objects?

6. Use Chalk To Keep Ants Away From Food And Water Bowls


While it’s unclear whether ants are either finicky about the dusty particles touching their feet or there’s something in the powder that distracts them from a scent they were following, there have been many cases where this simple method has kept them from infesting food and water bowls — or even an entire home.

7. Add Parsley To Their Food For Fresh Breath


Of course, you should still give their teeth a good brush now and again, but this herb can keep their bacteria at bay in between scrubbing sessions and also has tons of helpful nutrients.

8. Use A Shower Cap At Bath Time To Keep Ears Dry

shower cap

Since their ears are usually a bit bigger than ours, doggies are more prone to getting annoying water stuck in there, which can cause infections.

This genius solution helps avoid that, and just think of all the Instagram opportunities of your cute pup!

9. Put Dog-Safe Toothpaste On Their Rope Toys

toothpaste on rope

If your pooch likes to fight against getting their teeth brushed, this is the perfect way to trick them into maintaining their dental health during playtime.

Just be sure to use a toothpaste that is formulated for dog safety and doesn’t include xylitol like many human toothpastes. According to PetMD, the sweetener can cause vomiting, loss of coordination, seizures, and in especially bad reactions, liver failure.

10. Calm Them Down During Thunderstorms With Dryer Sheets

dryer sheets

A lot of dogs who get nervous during thunderstorms are reacting to the elevated static in the air, so patting them down with a few of these sheets can help relieve their stress.

11. Hide Treats Under Tennis Balls In A Muffin Tin

11. Hide Treats Under Tennis Balls In A Muffin Tin

This isn’t just a fun game, but also a great way to stimulate their brains and keep their minds nice and sharp as they get older.

Did we miss any genius DIY dog life hacks you’ve used with your pet?

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