Dog Can’t Stop Staring At Light On The Floor, But It Disappears When The Fridge Is Closed

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

Poor dogs, sometimes they’re not the brightest.

Sure, they have their incredibly intelligent moments — they can be trained to do the most amazing tricks!

And let’s not forget that many serve as narcotics sniffers, military aids, and therapeutic resources to those in need.

But there are also pups out there that aren’t as perceptive about the world around them — like this silly pup who couldn’t find his owner who was essentially standing right in front of him!

To some dogs, the world around them is a baffling place, filled with unbelievable smells, so much stimulation, and playthings that disappear one second, then reappear the next.

This seems to be the mind-set of the dog in this video, who is completely baffled by the refrigerator’s sneaky sorcery.

While the fridge is open, he marvels at a light on the ground created by a reflection.

But when it closes, the little floor light disappears — something that this perplexed pup just can’t quite understand.

As silly as he is, you can’t help but sympathize with him a bit — when I was young I was so confused about how the refrigerator light knew to turn on every single time I opened it!

The furry, spacey dog definitely speaks to the inner space case in all of us. Check down below to see the clip of him trying to solve the mystery of the vanishing floor light.

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