Rescuers Take One Look At ‘Dog In Distress’ And Instantly Know He’s Actually A Coyote

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

If there are coyotes where you live, you’ve probably heard multiple warnings about how it’s unwise to approach these creatures. They can be dangerous when provoked, so it’s best to give them space when crossing paths.

But if you’ve ever seen a coyote in person, you understand how easy it is to confuse one for a dog. They look similar and the subtle differences that make them separate species can go undetected to the untrained eye.

So when rescuers in Florida got a call about a dog in distress, they did not doubt that witnesses had the correct species.

However, when they arrived at the scene, they took a good look at the animal. This was no dog, but a coyote!

The coyote was in fact injured and in distress. He was promptly taken to a wildlife center to be evaluated and treated. He will be released once restored to full health.

The animal is now on the mend, thanks to a few concerned folks. But authorities are still warning the public to be extra cautious when around a sick or injured wild animal! Although the case of mistaken identity worked out for the coyote, not every story can have a happy ending like this one.

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