People Pointed Out That His Dog Looked Just Like Him, So They Started Dressing As Twins

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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If you’ve ever seen a dog and human pair and thought, “Wow, they look alike,” you’re not alone. A lot of dogs look like their owners, whether they started that way or grew to resemble their human counterparts.

Honestly, it makes sense. People who are well-groomed will probably keep their dogs well-groomed, too. Smaller people tend to have smaller dogs — it’s easier for them to handle the pups if they’re not overpowered by them. Taking this all into consideration, it seems reasonable that most people will look somewhat like their dogs.

But this pair takes it to the next level. Topher Brophy adopted his Aussiedoodle, Rosenberg, and the two immediately became best friends. It wasn’t until Rosenberg grew out of his puppy phase, though, that Brophy realized they were more than just buddies — they were true doppelgängers.

Once he noticed how alike they looked, Brophy took it one step further: He hired a dog stylist and started buying matching outfits for Rosenberg and himself.

It didn’t take much for Rosenberg to start looking like Brophy’s twin.

They already had the matching salt-and-pepper hair, the sweet hazel eyes, the scruffy beard, and the general unkempt look.

Brophy explained to The Dodo“We look so much alike physically, and do everything together, so dressing the same just feels natural for us.”

The best friends have dressed up as everything from sailors to hippies, firemen, detectives, and businessmen.

Brophy said: “If we can make people smile, even for a second, we have something to be proud of — in addition to our matching, shiny, flowing manes and green eyes, of course.”

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[H/T: The Dodo]