This Dog Friendship Is The Sweetest Thing You’ll Ever See

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

If you’ve ever wondered if dogs can have true friends, you no longer have to speculate. I have all the proof that you need right here.

There are two dogs who live in Bangkok, Thailand, who love each other so much, that they’ll even escape their homes for a hug.

Audi lives right across the street from where Messy lives, and he sometimes gets a bit lonely during the day. He’ll start barking, looking for love when his owner is gone. Then, when Messy barks back, Audi quiets down. Messy’s owner believes that her sweet pooch is comforting her neighbor.

Most recently, Audi escaped from his home and went directly to where Messy lives. Messy’s owner, Oranit Kittragul, snapped some pictures of the moment he showed up that are taking the internet by storm. When you see them, you’ll understand why folks are so entranced by these sweet canines.

Have you ever seen anything like this dog hug before?

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Here is Oranit with her late dog, Adams. She's always loved her pups!

Courtesy of Oranit Kittragul

This is sweet Messy, giving a sassy wink for the camera.

Courtesy of Oranit Kittragul

This is when Audi got through the unlatched gate of his home and ran across the street to his friend.

im scared
Courtesy of Oranit Kittragul

They said a quick hello to each other across the fence.

Courtesy of Oranit Kittragul

Then they gave each other the most heart-wrenchingly adorable hug of all time.

Courtesy of Oranit Kittragul

Oranit and Audi's owner have since made plans for the two pups to spend more time together.

Courtesy of Oranit Kittragul

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