Man Creates The Perfect Home For His Dog Tucked Right Under The Staircase

by Kate Taylor
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The expression “being in the doghouse” is synonymous with being shamed or in exile. In other words, the dog house is not usually somewhere you’d want to be.

However, that might have to change considering how the quality of doghouses has risen.

As prized (and in some cases, favorite) family members, most doghouses are the same level of luxury as their human owners’ homes.

Handy dog owners have made some amazing structures for their four-legged best friends.

Just take a look at these 12 incredible doghouses that, frankly, we could all take some architectural inspiration from.

Another dog owner who went above and beyond for his canine is Imgur user LuisCottoEMS, who shared how he converted the empty space under his staircase into a seriously impressive dog house.

Needless to say, this result is a lot nicer than Harry Potter’s similar set up.

If you’ve ever wondered what the space under your stairs looks like, here you have it.

The first step, as Luis explains was, insulating the area and running new electric wiring.

For Luis, the second step toward making this space habitable was installing drywall and putting down a floor base.

He even made sure to make the angle less steep.

Of course, that is one drawback of working underneath the stairs.

Working in a space this small would be tough for any human.

Luis explains this step involved “lots of plaster since drywall in this area was a pain.”

Of course, since Luis’ best friend will be spending a lot of his time here, he has to stay warm.

This extra tire mat step will ensure that the floor is just as insulated as the walls.

Now that the bones of the dog house are all assembled, it’s time to do a little interior decorating.

Luis calls this paint job color “nice muted browns.”

You probably already figured out that this isn’t any ordinary doghouse.

Even my apartment doesn’t have floors this nice. Only the best for Luis’ pup!

To keep up with the doghouse’s classy aesthetic, Luis decided to include some floor trimming for the project.

And last but not least, he said, “Well, I had the floor trim, now I had to add a crown.”

I’ve got to admit, it looks almost good enough for me to sleep there.

Without further ado, the final result is this amazingly adorable staircase dog house.

Looks like it got the seal of approval from his sweet pup, too.

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