Baby Snuggles Up To Her Dog On The Couch. Now Watch What He Does… So Cute!

by Emerald Pellot
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Oh my goodness! There’s nothing like watching your beloved pet and beloved baby grow up together.

See how this little baby behaves when she meets a puppy for the first time or how this baby plays with her husky.

The bond they will share cannot be matched by any other. Memories of my childhood dog, now deceased, have carried me through some rough times.

Thinking about my fluffy chow chow and Briard mix, his enthusiasm about life, the way he’d try to herd my nieces and nephews like sheep, the way he and my cat would snuggle when it was cold, fills my heart with so much glee no matter how sad I am.

When you see these two best friends cuddling on the couch, so comfortably with one another, your heart will instantly melt.

Who couldn’t lounge around doing this all day long? It looks so serene. We’ll call it the doggy spa!

Soon the little one is going to be able to spoon the doggy but until then hopefully they can cherish the innocence and beauty of these special moments.

Watch what happens 30 seconds in and just try not to giggle!

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