Dog Falls Deeply In Love With The Local Mailmen So Mom Starts Documenting Their Daily Routine

by Amy Paige
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Some people prefer FedEx over the postal service. Others prefer UPS entirely.

But the star of the video you’re about to meet?

She doesn’t discriminate when it comes to the mail system.

Pippin is a 6-year-old golden retriever who lives with her family in South Carolina. She’s always been a friendly dog, but over the years she’s developed a particular fascination with and affection for her local mail carriers.

Each and every day, Pippin eagerly waits at the front door in anticipation of the delivery men and women. Not only do they always give her belly rubs and head pats, but they’ll let her ride around the block with them.

UPS drivers even leave treats for her on the porch whether they have parcels for her family or not!

What makes this video so adorable is knowing just how kind and patient these mail carriers are with Pippin, even during their busiest of days. “One time, she raced to the back of the truck and stole our UPS man’s sub sandwich and he was so sweet about it,” Pippin’s mom told Caters News.

Here’s the cutest anecdote of all: Apparently, the FedEx guy was originally so scared of dogs that he refused to come to the front door with a package. Pippin’s family helped him with some sensitization training — and over the course of a year, he and Pippin became best friends.

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