Dog With ‘Fainting Goat Syndrome’ Freezes Up And Falls When Excited, Leaves Doctors Stumped

by Amy Paige
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Emma and Oliver adopted Peter from a family in the UK that couldn’t keep him anymore. The couple knew about Peter’s strange behavioral “tic” but fell in love with him regardless.

Despite the warnings, Emma freaked out the first time Peter, the 1-year-old spaniel, suddenly froze up during a walk and collapsed to the ground before quickly standing back on his feet.

Veterinarians are generally stumped as to why Peter falls over whenever he gets excited, but they believe he was most likely born with a rare neurological condition similar to something called “fainting goat syndrome.” Myotonic or “fainting” goats temporarily seize up when they feel panic.

Emma told Caters News that Peter is always conscious whenever he faints. His eyes stay open, and he rarely takes his gaze off her — but sometimes his body will freeze up for upward of 30 seconds!

It can happen whether he’s enjoying his walk or he spots an animal that piques his interest. Sometimes it happens when he leaps off a ledge, walks over a new type of surface, or feels raindrops. And sometimes he freezes for no obvious reason at all. But Emma and Oliver insist he’s happy and healthy, and not in any pain.

At this point, Emma and Oliver find their pup’s signature move pretty comical …

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