Terminally Ill Dog Spends Last Days Checking Off Fun-Filled Bucket List

by Angel Chang
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Bailey, a rescued pup all the way from Melbourne, Australia, had been abandoned by his former owners because his body was ridden with aggressive tumors.

He was rescued by a shelter, given a health assessment by the vet, and adopted by his new foster family.

Unfortunately, Bailey did not have long to live.

Instead of wallowing in sadness, though, his family has decided to make the best of the situation, and, like other humans who have dedicated enormous bucket lists to their ailing pets, wished to give Bailey the time of his life with an adventure-filled bucket list.

So far, he has ridden in a convertible, hopped on a Harley Davidson motorcycle, and visited police officers and firefighters.

He has also indulged in a hearty bacon-and-egg breakfast, a beautifully frosted birthday cake, and an amazing McDonald’s meal.

His family’s greatest wish, though, is to raise over $8,000 in Bailey’s name for a fund that will help out other animals in need.

Scroll further to read about Bailey’s heartwarming story, and let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

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Bailey's bucket list

Bailey, a dog from Melbourne, Australia, was rescued in early February by the staff at Second Chance Animal Rescue.

The vet found out that Bailey’s entire body was covered in aggressive mast cell tumors, which are skin tumors that can appear small and insignificant, but can cause very serious forms of cancer in a dog.

It is very likely that Bailey’s former owners abandoned him because of his health condition.

Bailey's bucket list

In some cases, these tumors occur naturally in the skin and are benign, and don’t spread to other areas of the body.

In Bailey’s case, the tumors have developed deep beneath the skin, and are nearly impossible to treat successfully.

Bailey's bucket list

In an effort to make Bailey’s last remaining days on Earth as peaceful, fun, and positive as possible, his new foster family decided to create an adventure-filled bucket list for him.

Bailey's bucket list

They made a community Facebook page called “Bailey’s Bucket List,” where people can go to see how Bailey’s doing, where he’s gone, and what he’s been up to.

Bailey's bucket list

Many commenters have put in their own ideas for Bailey’s bucket list, and so far there are 30 items on the list:

  1. Eat a huge cooked steak
  2. Visit the dog beach for a swim in the ocean
  3. Ride in a convertible
  4. Enjoy a professional massage/myotherapy session
  5. Do a professional photo shoot
  6. Eat an egg-and-bacon breakfast
  7. Be in the local paper
  8. Swim in a giant ball pit
  9. Visit the dog spa for a pamper session
  10. Be on TV
  11. Swim in a dog pool
  12. Sit in a fire truck
  13. Raise over $8,000 to help other dogs in need
  14. Hang out at a radio station
  15. Sit in a police car
  16. Have a doggy birthday party
  17. Take a boat ride
  18. Go camping
  19. Help air a weather forecast
  20. Meet a celebrity
  21. Go on a picnic
  22. Take a nap in the grass
  23. Eat ice cream
  24. Visit a doggie café
  25. Sit on a Harley motorcycle
  26. Roll in a mud pit
  27. Eat McDonald’s
  28. Have a song written about him
  29. Pee on a fire hydrant
  30. Eat a hotdog

Bailey's bucket list

And so far, Bailey has already checked off 14 items on the list: he ate a steak, rode in a convertible, did a photo shoot, ate an egg-and-bacon breakfast, was featured in the local newspaper, played in a ball pit, went on television, sat in a fire truck and police car, attended his own birthday party, sat on a Harley, enjoyed a McDonald’s meal, had a song written about him, and peed on a fire hydrant!

Bailey's bucket list

With the help of everyone in the community, Bailey’s foster family is hoping to complete the entire bucket list.

They think that Bailey would particularly love to swim in the ocean, get a massage, and roll in a mud pit.

Bailey's bucket list

Click here to check out Bailey’s funding page, which aims to raise $8,000 in his name for other animals in need.

Follow Bailey’s adventures on his Facebook page, and remember to SHARE his story with friends and family!