Finally Find Out Your Pup’s Breed With 25% Off This Dog DNA Kit

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You may think you know your dog like the back of your hand, but do you? Sure, you may claim to know their all-time favorite treat, all their BFFs in the dog park, and the chew toy they like best, but you probably don’t know them know them.

You’d be an infinitely better dog parent if you took the time to understand your furry pal better, especially if they’re adopted or a mixed breed. Are they really a pit bull terrier mix or a hybrid of something else? What diseases are they genetically predisposed to? What allergies do they have? These are the things responsible dog parents ought to know.

With the DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test, you’ll no longer have to wonder, because you’ll be provided with a comprehensive breakdown of your dog’s characteristics so you can understand your doggo on a whole new level.

If you’ve ever taken a human DNA test before, the process is fairly the same. Just take a swab of your dog’s cheek, mail in the sample, and in only two weeks or less, you’ll receive a report that explains who your dog really is. You’ll get to know their exact breed mix, DNA composition, and personality traits. Most importantly, you’ll unfurl their genetic health concerns and risk for certain diseases, which would then help you come up with a better care plan. Anything to give your dog a long and happy life, right?

Usually retailing for $79, the DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test is on sale for $59. That’s a savings of 25%.


DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test – $59

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By: Nicole Cord-Cruz