Camera Catches Naughty Dog Digging In Front Yard, Frantically Trying To Hide It When Mom Sees

by Nicole Cannizzaro
Nicole is a writer who studied journalism. She loves music and spending time with her family.

When we’re young, we’re constantly learning.

Learning in school, learning at home, and in the end, the best hope for our parents is that we’ve learned right from wrong and good from bad.

But that doesn’t mean we never make mistakes or bend the rules because we know we won’t get caught. Or in this case, we hope we won’t get caught.

This beautiful golden retriever is digging outside in the front yard, and he looks like she’s having an amazing time.

But, as most dog owners know, digging is not usually allowed in the yard. Maybe at a park or on a hike, but who wants their yard to be full of holes?

Whenever you have company or want to enjoy your property, you’d be tripping and falling everywhere.

So this mom sees that her adorable dog is outside digging and she decides to record.

She stands at the door and keeps the camera rolling for a while, but the best part is when the dog notices his mommy is watching. He sees his mom, knows he’s doing something wrong, and immediately tries to play it cool.

He may be a dog, but he has adorable cat-like reflexes! And this video is so relatable to anyone who ever stole a cookie from the cookie jar or anything of that sort.

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