Dog Dad Makes Fetch Toy Out Of Rocket Launcher For Frenchie, Then Pup Ends Up Chewing It Up

by Tasina Berkey
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This dog daddy decided to spice things up a bit for his puppy with a brand new toy.

Not just your average toy however, David Freiheit made a new dog toy using a Spin Master rocket launcher.

Thinking the distance range associated with the gadget could make for a more intense game of fetch, David decided to turn the rocket launcher into a new dog toy.

David took the time to set up his pups new toy, and to give it a test run.

The first couple of tries were a tad frustrating because David’d pup wouldn’t actually chase the rocket.

However, after the first couple of test tries, success was eventually found. And who would have thought, but it worked!

David was visibly excited that the rocket launcher proved successful. Perhaps even a bit more excited then his pup!

After a few rounds with the toy, David went home with his pup, but sadly his brand toy may not be seeing another day soon.

After being trained to fetch and chew on the new rocket, the pup thought to take the rocket for a chew session when he and David got home.

Hopefully glue can come in handy to fix it.

Check out David’s new innovative dog toy and see him and his pup take it out for a spin!

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